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Tikona Fort, Pawna Lake

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Tikona Fort is also known as Vitandgad Placed in Western region of Maharashtra. fort type is Hillfort and the shape of fort is as triangle like Trikon so named "Tikona" Height of fort is about 3500 feet from bottom of hill. The village at the base of Tikona Fort is Known As "Tikona Peth" the fort is trending for trekking and it in every trekkers Bucket List. fort is 60 km from Pune and 110 km from Mumbai and its easy to reachable by train, bus and local travellers from Kamshet. God Shiva's Trimbakeshwar Temple present at the top of fort, seven water tanks and some Satvahan Caves. Best fort for trekking near lonavala, easy to climb, trek time Within 3 hours. Hotel "Tikona Uphargruh" is at entrance of the village who manages lunch, brekfast and also Tikona Fort Base Camp for trekers. if you want to do Trekking and Base Camping visit the official website for best guidence. The Height from Sea Level is 3580 Feet. It is comes under hill fort type and pyramidal in shape, Tikona means Triangular. Located very close to Pawna Lake Dam wall distance of 2 km. Entire Pawna Lake and Tung Fort Incredible View from the fort. Lord Shiva's Temple present on top with 12 months small water ponds it never gets dried. About four Cannons still there.

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