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Pawna lake information

The “Pawna Lake” Is the place where you feel so calm. Pawana Lake is a camping ground located Lake Back Water So Camping Known as “Lake side camping“. Overnight Tent Camping at Pawna Lake, Maharashtra is done, where We Provides one night Tent Stay with sharing tents. There are different stay packages along with food.

​Stay Warm By Staying Beside Campfire, Surrender to Emptiness of the Location, Witness to the shades of Water going from silver to orange to navy, Gaze at the Stars while feasting on your BBQ meal. Pavana Lake Camping is the nice place to visit near Mumbai and Pune. where lakeside camping is done at the campground. You have to choose suitable Pawna Lake Camping Package included with Evening Snacks, Barbecue, Dinner, Breakfast. Activities like Games, Music, Campfire, Best Sunset Views and Amenities Drinking water, Washrooms, Free Parking, First Aid Kit, Extra adventure Activities such as Kayaking, Boating, Movie Night, Zipline, etc.

Our neighborhood is Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, Pawna Dam, Lions Point, Tiger Point, Prati Pandharpur, Satya Sai Baba hadshi temple, Bhushi Dam, Narayni Dham, Karla Caves, Bedase Caves, Bhaje Caves, etc.

​Lake is Surrounded and located in Western Ghat Regions of Sahyadri Mountain Range. The Mountain Valleys are full of beautiful hidden places among them one is Pawna Lake, surrounded by Historical Places, Lakes, Temples, Pandava's Carpet Caves, Forts, etc. Pawna Dam was established in 1972. When Dam is planned to construct over Pawna River About 2500 acres of land was under the Irrigation Department of Maharashtra. The farmers living there, only rain water was the main source for farming. This had caused several droughts in Pawnanagar Region. after detailed survey conducted in the region and Maval Tehshil identified for the construction of Dam.

Lake backwater is 8 km from Lonavala and it's located in Central Maval locally known Pawan Maval. The Pavna Lake blessed with Sahyadri Mountains, Hills, Valleys and beautiful Lonavla Greenery all around. Hence it makes Pawna Lake a peaceful and mind healing place for everyone. Origin of tourist crowd to Pawna is mainly from Mumbai and Pune and now a days it's attracting peoples from nearby states to Pawna Lake from Kerala, Gujrat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, as well Migrants from India to Other Countries who came back for Maharashtra Tourism.

You will reach Campsite by train, bus, private bike, private car, and also by Cab by searching in google how to reach Pawna lake camping and best route to pawna lake camping, best route to pawna lake etc.

Pawana Lake nearest to very famous place in Maharashtra that's "Lonavala" here we can say that Pavna Lake and Lonavla Hill station are two sides of a coin so it comes in category of Tourist Places Near Lonavla, Lonavla Lake, Lonavla Lake Camping and Pawna Lake Camping. As Lonavla Hill station is easy to Reach by Train, Buses, Car, bike, Local Travels like Viz this travel facilities are same to the Pawna Lake. Therefore it has better Connectivity to mega cities like Mumbai, Pune by Express way, old Pune-Mumbai Road, and two Railway stations Lonavala And Kamshet. The kamshet is main market for local Peoples. These travel facilities adds valuable advantage to make Pawna Lake easily available for everyone also Fomous, Trending for tourists.

​Pawna is mostly Preferred for Birthday celebration, Anniversary Celebration, One day trip, Weekend Gateways, Valentines Day Celebration, Family, Group and corporate Get togather, Chillout, Batchlors Party etc. Mega Pawna Lake Events i.e. New Year Celebration Party, Christmas Celebration Party.


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