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Pawna Lake | Information in Detail Lonavala Tourism and nearby spots picnic places Information

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Pawna Lake, Pawna Dam was established in 1972. When Pavna Dam is planned to construct over Pawna River About 2500 acres of land was under the Irrigation Department of Maharashtra. The farmers living there rain water was the main source for farming. This had caused several droughts in Pawnanagar Region. after detailed survey conducted in the region and Maval Tehshil identified for the construction of Dam. Construction work of Pawana Dam Is began in 1964 also It was under stay for a year due to India-Pak war in 1965. The Dam was completed in 1972.

Increased civilization in Pimpri-Chinchwad and its Outskirts leads high water supply in future was The main reason behind Building Pawna Dam.

45 m (141 feet) in height and 1330 m (4363 feet) in length. Pawna Dam Is Hydroelectric Power Plant of 1240 Mega Watt Power Generation capacity.

Pawna Lake Geography

Pawna Lake is Surrounded and located in Western Ghat Regions of Sahyadri Mountain Range. The Mountain Valleys are full of beautiful hidden places among them one is Pawna Lake, surrounded by Historical Places, Lakes, Temples, Pandava's Carpet Caves, Forts, etc.

Pawna Lake Distance

Pune to Pawna Lake by Car/Bike

1) Via Kamshet: 65 km

Pune-->old Pune -Mumbai highway --> Somatne Toll plaza--> Take Left turn at Kamshet -->Pawnanagar --> Pawna Lake

2) Via Paud: 52 km

Pune -->Pune-Paud Road --> Take Right Turn at Paud Chowk --> Straight from Jovan Chowk --> Pawna Lake

3) Via Somatne Phata: 57 km

Pune-->Old Pune-Mumbai highway --> take slight left at Somatne Phata by Parandwadi Road -->straight from Kadadhe chowk -->Pawnanagar chowk --> Pawna

Pune to Pawna Lake by Local Train

1) Via Kamshet Station: 17 km

Pune railway station --> Get Down at Kamshet Station --> Take 10 min walk/Auto Rickshaw from station towards Pawnanagar Road chowk where you'll get local travels Jeep, Sumo, Bolero, etc. Upto Pawnanagar only then you have to take the same traveler or other one from Pawnanagar to Pawna Lake locations (Prices about 30-50 Rs per head but keep in mind as you asked them for Pawna Lake they will hike this prices as you're traveler so you have to bargain for prices --> and reach the appropriate Campsite Locations

Mumbai to Pawna Lake by Car/Bike

1)Via Kamshet: 117 km

Mumbai--> Vashi-->By Bengaluru-Mumbai-Pune highway--> Exit to NH48 at Lonavala exit Valvan--> on old mumbai-pune highway--> take right turn at Kamshet down the bridge--> Pawnanagar--> Pawna Lake

2) Via Lonavala Market Gaothan: 105 km

Mumbai--> By Bengaluru-Mumbai-Pune highway--> Take Exit to Khandala-Lonavala towards NH47 old Pune-Mumbai highway upto Lonavala--> Take Right at Kumar Resort chowk--> Take left at Ch. Shivaji Maharaj Chowk --> Continue to Dudhiware Khind--> Ambegaon--> Take right at Aryan restaurant on your right--> Pawna Lake

Mumbai to Pawna Lake by Train

1) Via Lonavala: 35 km

By Express Train from Mumbai Central Station to Lonavala--> Get Down ta Lonavala Railway station--> Grab Lonavala-Pune Local train from Lonavala Sttaion --> Get Down at Kamshet Station i.e. 2nd Number station--> Take 10 min walk/Auto Rickshaw from station towards Pawnanagar Road chowk where you'll get local travels Jeep, Sumo, Bolero, etc. Upto Pawnanagar only then you have to take the same traveler or other one from Pawnanagar to Pawna Lake locations (Prices about 30-50 Rs per head but keep in mind as you asked them for Pawna Lake they will hike this prices as you're traveler so you have to bargain for prices --> and reach the appropriate Campsite Locations

Pawana Lake easiest ways

Pawana Lake Is nearest to the very famous place in Maharashtra that's "Lonavala" I must say that Pavna Lake and Lonavla Hill station are two sides of a coin so it's come in category of Tourist Places Near Lonavla, Lonavla Lake, Lonavla Lake Camping and Pawna Lake Camping etc.

As Lonavla Hill station it is easy to get there by Train, Buses, Car, bike, Local Travels like Viz this travel facilities are same to the Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake has better Connectivity to mega cities like Mumbai, Pune by Express way, old Pune-Mumbai Road, and Railway from Lonavala And Kamshet. The kamshet is main market for local Peoples.

This travel facilities adds valuable advantage to make Pawna Lake easily available for everyone also Fomous, Trending for tourists.

Pawna Lake nearby Places

Pawna Lake backwater is 8 km from Lonavala and it's located in Central Maval locally known Pawan Maval. The Pavna Lake blessed with Sahyadri Mountain Range, Hills, Valleys and beautiful Lonavla Greenery all around. Hence it makes Pawna Lake a peaceful and mind healing place for everyone. Origin of tourist crowd to Pawna is mainly from Mumbai and Pune and now a days it's attracting peoples from nearby states to Pawna Lake from Kerala, Gujrat, Telangana, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, as well Migrants from India to Other Countries who came back for Maharashtra Tourism.

Pawna Lake is surrounded by Historic Places Such as Forts, Lakes, Caves, Temples, etc Our neighborhood is Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Visapur Fort, Rajmachi Fort, Pawna Lake, Lions Point, Prati Pandharpur, Satya Sai Baba, Bhushi Dam, Karla Caves, Bedase Caves, Bhaje Caves, Dukes Nose, Shooting Vally, Rajmachi Waterfall, etc

Pawna Lake Activities

Tent Camping







Pawna Lake Tent Camping

The “Pawna Lake” Is the place where you feel so calm. Pawana Lake is a camping ground placed near Pawna Lake Back Water So Camping Known as “Lake side camping“. We Provides one night Tent Stay for guests with sharing tents. There are stay packages which included with food. Overnight Camping at Pawna Lake Camping, Stay Warm By Staying Beside Campfire, Surrender to Emptiness of the Location, Witness to the shades of Water going from silver to orange to navy, Gaze at the Stars while feasting on your BBQ meal.

Pavana Lake Camping is the nice place to visit which is located near to Mumbai and Pune. where lakeside camping is done at the camp ground. In that tent stay is provided. you have to choose a appropriate Camping Package in that you will get Evening Snacks, Barbecue, Dinner, Breakfast, etc.

Pawna Lake Booking is very simple on your finger tips. Pawna Lake offers different stay packages, Various Campsite, Activities, Food, etc.

How to book Pawna Lake

1) Through website:

Visit -> select suitable Pawna Lake Package -> Read Package Details -> Read terms and conditions -> select Payment options Advance/Full payment -> fill details -> proceed for final payment -> Take screenshot of payment done and share with contact person.

2) also have flexible payment options such as Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm on our official Number 7066664458

Search for 7066664458 in "Pay on number" -> Camp In Pawna -> Short description of your booking ex. Name, Date, Total No. of people's in group,No. of Veg and Nonveg etc. -> Make transaction -> share screenshot of payment on our official Pawna Lake WhatsApp number 7066664458 👍

for this option you have to get connected with customer care number before your booking

Pawna Lake Cottages

Pawna Lake is famous for Lake side Camping where one night and two days lakeside Tent stay camping is done with different stay packages which included with food. But now days some peoples demanding for some specious stay so we built wooden cottages to fulfill guest needs while keeping it natural structured.

Pawna Lake Cottages available with food.

Pawna Lake Trekking

Tung Fort Trek Pawna Lake

Tung Fort at height of 1075 m above sea level. it is also known as Kathingad. "Kathin" meaning in marathi "difficult to climb". The distance from lonavala to Tung Fort is 24 km via Amby Valley City Road and 27 km from Pawnanagar Via Jovan Tungi Road. located Opposite to Pawna Lake Dam wall And looks like a Big Submarine in the lake. The tip of the fort occupies 2000 sqft area only which is very small and gives a sharp tip to fort.

Lohagad Fort Trek Pawna Lake

Lohagad Fort at a height of 1033 m from sea level. The Category of fort is Hill Fort. the distance from Lonavala to Lohagad Fort is 16 km via Malavali Lohagad Road and distance from Pawnanagar to Lohagad Fort is 15 km Via Pawnanagar Lohagad Road. located Centrally between Lonavala and Pawna lake. easy to reach by accessibility of bike, car upto the fort bottom at first step With bigger steps size till top of fort which makes the fort crowded any day. lohagad fort base camping is done and also availability of Hotel stays in Bhaje village.

Tikona Fort Trek Pawna Lake

Tikona Fort Is also known as Vitandgad. The Height from Sea Level is 3580 Feet. It is comes under hill fort type and pyramidal in shape, Tikona means Triangular. Located very close to Pawna Lake Dam wall distance of 2 km. Entire Pawna Lake and Tung Fort Incredible View from the fort. Lord Shiva's Temple present on top with 12 months small water ponds it never gets dried. About four Cannons still there.

Visapur Fort Trek Pawna Lake

Visapur Fort height from sea level is 1084 m. It's a neighbouring Fort of Lohagad with vice fort Bhatrashi. The fort is not so easy to climb cause lac of stairs. Huge top area with old houses, caves and big Carving of Hanuman. Distance from Lonavala is about 14 km via Patan Village.

Korai Gad Fort Trek Pawna Lake

Koraigad, Korigad is located near Amby Valley City at a distance of 20 km from Lonavala. It's above 923 m above sea level. The neighbouring village is Tel Baila and Peth Shahpur. Visibility to Mulshi Reservoir. Surrounded by big Amby Valley City project. Named Koraigad by Godess Koraidevi.

Dhak Bahiri Trek Pawna Lake

Dhak Bahiri is high altitude Cave situated near the village Jambhivli. It's too hard to climb with peak height from sea level is 823 m. The named by God Bahiri. One side Comes in Raigad District another in Maval district. Dhak Bahiri Distance from Kamshet is 20 km via Jambhavli Kamshet Road. At the Start of Trek God Shiva's famous "Kondeshwar Temple".

Duke's Nose Trek Pawna Lake

Duke's Nose Also known as Nagphani. Small Mahadeva Temple at top. Situated Near Kurwande Village at distance from Lonavala to Duke's Nose is 6.5 km. where different adventure activities and trainings done like Trekking, Rappelling, Rock climbing, Valley crossing etc. It's a first choice of trekkers in Lonavala. Self hilltop Camping is done at mid of Trek and then top of the trek.

Pawna Lake Boating

Pawna Lake is attracting tourists since last 6 years at large scale by upgrading activities such as Pawna Lake Boating, Paddle boating, swimming, Fishing, Lake tubing, etc. Pawna Lake is safe for human being cause no any harmful water living spicies. Lake is so deep we cannot predict the depth of Pawna Lake hence its mandatory to swim with life jacket.

Pawna Lake Kayaking

Kayaking is a Fun activity it involves moving on water In a small water vessel With the double bladed paddles.

Pawna Lake Activities includes Water sports activity Kayaking. Most couples families and groups prefer to Kayaking water sport which is so relaxing and stress relieving.

Pawna Lake Paragliding

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying.

Tandem Paragliding is also done at two locations Pawna Lake and Kamshet Which is 14 km from Pawna Lake. Paragliding sport is highly demanding because it's available only 7 months and rarely done cause High prices, less fly time about 10-15 min Also depends on wind direction and speed. The pawna lake Paragliding charges is about 3000 Rs in weekdays and 3500 Rs for weekend. There is 500 Rs extra charges for photos and video.

Pawna Lake zipline

A zipline is a system of suspended cables mounted on a hill or slope. Zipline adventure rider uses a pulley system to ride across the stainless steel cables, and with the help of gravity, they can travel up to 20-50 m/sec. Before zipline you should ensure for the safety measures such as helmate, safety harness, etc. Zipline at Pawna Lake is about 250 feet long.

Best Time to visit Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake Camping is done 12 months but most of the tourist prefers to arrive at Pawna Lake in mid of October month upto March due to ending of rainy season. Greenery is everywhere it feels like Hill's pulled over and slept under the green blanket. It's the time to visit Pawna Lake although the water level in Pawna Reservoir is 100% in these days.

Pawna Lake Evenings

Best sunsets Musical and scenic evenings at Pawna Lake occurs and in winter season all tourist places runs with 100 percent capacity. best scenic mornings at Pawna Lake most of the mornings are foggy it gives Mahabaleshwar feel.

December Last week Mercury falls upto 11-15°C at Pawna Lake. Dew wets the tent from outside sometimes inside as well. As the sunrays falls on your eyes it heals your body and soul.

Dew drops starts vapourizing it vanishes the Fogg and settles down the dust particles in atmospheric air results a crystal clear 4K Pawna Lake View.

Pawna Lake morning videos

People enjoys Sunrise while having breakfast with High Tea that's every Indians refreshment.

Pawna Lake evening snacks

The Pawna Lake also available in Rainy season but rarely active cause the Campgrounds are near to the Lake the roads upto campsite are soiled, rough and turns muddy while raining. Locals has habit to ride, drive over this Roads but guests doesn't and another reason is Campgrounds has shaded area for tent pitching has limited capacity, parallel to it the Power cuts and heavy rains, so it will leads to decrease tourist arrivals in Rainy Season.

Historic Places near Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is surrounded by historic Places such as Caves, Temples, Forts

Caves near Pawna Lake

Karla Caves

Karla Caves are a complex of ancient Buddhist indian rock cut cave located at Karla village which is near the most famous tourist Hill station place Lonavala, Maharashtra. The caves are just 10 km away from Lonavala. Karla Caves distance from mega cities like Pune and Mumbai is 60 km and 100 km. The Karla Caves become famous by another reason i.e. Godess Ekvira Aai Temple located at the entry of cave about 20 feet distance.

Bhaje Caves

Bhaje Caves are neighbouring cave to the Karla Caves. Which is just 5 km away from Karla Caves. Cave is located 400 meter above Bhaje village. This cave is easy to reach has connectivity of Railway, Road you can take a 20 minutes walk from Malawali Station. Bhaje Cave is group of 22 Rock cut caves. Bhaje Caves are crowded in Rainy season by Tourists cause a huge Waterfall at this cave named Bhaje Waterfall.

This beautiful waterfall take your heart away. The name of waterfall after the most prominent Bhaje Caves. There are stay facilities Also available at Bhaje Village in 5 Star Luxury Hotel named Hotel Nature Shild.

Hotel consists of 16 AC rooms and well maintained Restaurant at ground floor with a neat and clean kitchen.

Hotel also available for business conferences with the huge Conference Hall on first floor which best suitable for Board Meetings in peaceful surrounding.

For entertainment purposes it has a Swimming Pool in hotel premises.

Bedase Caves

Bedase Caves are Buddhist rock cut monument situated at Maval, Pune District, Maharashtra. The exact location is Karunj Village, on Kamshet - Pawnanagar Road, Pune. Which is 9 km from Kamshet. This cave is situated in Maval region as other two caves Karla Caves and Bhaje Caves form a triangular shape, without Bedase caves the trilogy (Karla+Bhaje+Bedase) doesn't form in Maval region. Bedase Caves are comparitively less known and visited. While Karla and bhaje Caves has easy connectivity.

Wagheshwar Temple, Pawna Lake

The Wagheshwar Temple Pawna Lake is located at Pawna Lake. this temple is famous in Pavna Lake reason behind it only visible for 5 months otherwise still underwater for Seven months. visibility from may, june and jully months. temple is built in Pandava's time. its a God Shivas temple. this temple age is many years but still stood like built few years before. Pawna Lake is surrounded by many historic places, forts, caves, temples, Lakes, etc.

Prati Pandharpur Temple, Dudhiware khind, Pawna Lake

Prati Pandharpur Temple of Vitthal, Rukmini is at Dudhiware khind, Near Pawna Dam. It is the replica (Prati in Marathi) of famous temple at Pandharpur, Maharashtra, India. This temple is built by very famous Social Speaker (Kirtankar) Shri. Baba Maharaj Satarkar. Many tourists visits this temple in Rainy and winter season. Place is located Pawna Lake back water and surrounded by trees hence so peaceful and calming environment. Distance from Lonavala station to Prati Pandharpur Temple is about 7 Km.

Narayani Dham, Lonavala

Narayani Dham is Goddess Maa Narayani temple At Tungarli Road, Dhankawadi, Lonavala. Just 2 km away from Lonavala station and 15 km from Pawna Lake. It's Very neat and clean temple in Lonavala. Temple Also has stay facilities about 50 rooms (Bhakt Niwas). Temple is constructed in year 2002. Visiting hours of Temple 06.30 AM to 01.00 PM , 04.00 PM to 10.00 PM. Beautiful gardening is maintained till the time.

Ekvira Temple, Karla

Ekvira Temple, Karla is most famous Temple among all Maval temples. Ekvira Temple distance from Lonavala station is 8 km And Ekvira Temple distance from Malavali station is 4 km. Ekvira Mandir Temple is nothing but Karla Caves at 20 feet distance and 500 steps to get there. Ekvira Aai Mandir Big festival on Chytra Mahina Palakhi. The temple is place of workship for Koli (Fisherman) and Agri Peoples.

Satya Sai Baba Temple, Hadashi

Satya Sai Baba Mandir is located in Hadshi Village in Mulshi Tehsil (Taluka). Hadshi Temple distance From Pune is 47 km and Hadshi Temple distance from Lonavala is 36 km. Hadshi Temple distance from Pawna Lake is 11 km. At the entry steps to main temple God Shiva's Temple centrally constructed. The main temple architecture has Ground floor and First floor. On first floor God Pandurang Shrine with specious Hall for Pradakshina. Ground floor has entrance from back side of Temple God Sai Baba's Shrine. Huge lawned Grounds with well maintained Garden all around the temple With Specious Parking area. Small snacks centre in temple premises with Indian food. Now a days this Temple is getting attention of Pawna Lake Tourists it come in category of Pawna Lake spots, Pawna Lake nearby Places. Artificial Lake is present at the right side of Temple. Adventure activities started from last two years. These activities attracting peoples in large scale from Mumbai and Pune. Activities includes Paddle boating, Zipline, Bungy Jump, ATV ride, Gyro, Barma bridge, Floating Bridge, Tyre Bridge, etc. Temple also has Sant Shrushti or Sant Darshan. Includes statues of Great Sants of Maharashtra. Sant Dnyaneshwar, Sant Tukaram Maharaj, Statues of animals such as crocodile, Turtle, Farmer, Bulls, snail, etc.

Best Time to visit Pawna Lake and best time to visit Hadshi Temple in Rainy, winter season.

Lion's Point, Lonavala / Tiger Point, Lonavala

This is the Panaromic View point to Valleys and Mountains. Geologically in between Sahayadri Mountain Range. Nearest mega cities Mumbai and Pune. The Lion's Point, Lonavala and Tiger Point, Lonavala are not Same, about 500 meter distance between these both viewpoints. The location is Valleys of Lonavala and Also known Heart of Town Lonavala. The Lion's Point Distance from Lonavala is 12 km and Tiger Point Distance from Lonavala is 11.5 km. The roads are great upto this both Viewpoints which connects Amby Valley City from Lonavala. This places are awesome really gives you a fresh Nature's aroma, Vanishes Stress, Emptiness. Medicine of Healing body and soul. No any single day that this place is empty. Rainy season is always makes traffic jams of 3-4 hours. Parking is available at lion's Point and Tiger Point. Small Tapri shop's serving you evening snacks and Hi Tea, Maggie, etc.

Bhushi Dam, Lonavala

Inbetween these road very famous Places and spots of Lonavala also connected, Bhushi Dam and INS Shivaji which is Indian Navy Training Centre.

Bhushi Dam is Monsonry small Dam built on the Indrayni River. The Bhushi Dam is extremely Famous for Rainy season.

Pawna Lake Prices

Pawna Lake best price is starting from Rs 999 Per head. It's a budget camp and Pocket friendly, mostly preferred by guests. Pawna lake best package price has low price tag ever. Afterall 999 Rs. Is reasonable cost, if we went in a hotel for lunch or dinner one person bill prints easily upto 500-700 Rs. With limited food and nothing to enjoy but Pawna Lake provides Evening snacks, Barbecue, Infinity Dinner, Breakfast, etc. Along with Nature's Cove with beautiful Lake view and a cozy Tent stay. Which really releases stress. Here, i would say that "Checking in Pawna Lake is a Anti-stress Therapy".

Pawna Lake has different stay Packages with different Pawna Lake locations. you can Book Pawna Lake Directly by choosing the package according your comfort and the location you would like.

Pawna Lake packages prices
Pawna Lake Secret View Adventure Camp@1599

How to Book Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake Booking process

Visit =>> select suitable Pawna Lake Package=>> Read Package Details =>> select Payment options Advance/Full payment=>> fill details=>> proceed for final payment=>> share screenshot of payment done 👍

2) we also have flexible payment options such as Gpay, PhonePe, Paytm on our official Number 7066664458

Search for 7066664458 in "Pay on number" =>> Camp In Pawna =>> Short description of your booking ex. Name, Date, Total No. of people's in group,No. of Veg and Nonveg etc. =>> Make transaction=>> share screenshot of payment on Pawna Lake official WhatsApp number 7066664458 👍

Pawna Lake Event Days

Pawna Lake is 100% Active on Saturday and rarely on Sunday cause of a guest arrives on Sunday his check out will be on Monday so it's a working day, hence Pawna Lake event conducts mostly on Saturday. Pawna Lake Camping is more tightly full and Indian festivals. The Pawna Lake Events starts from January to December.

Makar Sankranti at Pawna Lake

Makar Sankranti is the first festival of New Year. Festival comes second week of January. Also known as Festival of Kites because on Whole day of festival Kite Flying is done all over India. There's a Faith in Peoples that how High fly your Kite That Much your success and life will. Celebration of Makar Sankranti in Maharashtra state by sharing Til - Gul (Sesame Seeds with Jaggery). Eating Til-Gul People says "Til-Gul Ghya God God Bola" Eat Sweet Speak Sweet. Similarly, Pongal Festival Is celebrated on same day in south indian region, Widely celebrated by Tamil Community Globally. These festivals underlines Our organic relationship with Nature.

Republic Day is a Public Holiday in India. It's the day on which the constitution of India came into effect on 26 January 1950, turning the Nation into newly formed Republic. On this day Pawna Lake Camping is full due to National Holiday. All tourist places runs 100% Capacity.

Mahashivratri Celebration At Pawna Lake

The old Wagheshwar Temple, Pawna Lake is the proof of how Historical Pawna Lake. It is Great Lord Shiva's temple built in Pandavas Era. The Vagheshwar Temple, Pawna Lake has seen 6-7 Centuries. Evidences Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Swarajya and Also witnessed British Empire. It's a very Famous Temple in Pawna Lake. In Last 3 years this temple became everyone's workship place. What makes this Wagheshwar temple too famous, The Temple is Submerged in Pawna Lake / Pawna Dam from August to March almost 8 months under water. After 8 month time span Temple getting visible or Resurfaced in March upto July. One thing is observed in temple about The Shivling the Central Half part is displaced out of Main Shivling.

It's a Beautiful, Peaceful, Meditation place in Pawna Lake. you can visit this Temple and Also do an Pawna Lake Tent Camping a one day Trip with family and friends. Best time to visit this Place in March to July or Mahashivratri.

Valentine's day at Pawna Lake

Valentine's day is special for Couples and Newly marrieds On this Day lovers express their feelings and affection by greetings and gifts with their loved ones. The Valentine's day celebration on 14th February. The Pawna Lake is most active and crowded at Valentine's day events. Pawna lake is Best valentine's day celebration place Near Mumbai and Pune. The Valentine's day includes 7 days celebration.

February 7: Rose Day

February 8: Propose Day

February 9: Chocolate Day

February 10: Teddy Day

February 11: Promise Day

February 12: Hug Day

February 13: Kiss Day

February 14: Valentine's Day

During these days 70% of Guests booking for Pawna Lake are Couples rest of the groups and families. Due to ladies increased arrivals, Pawna Lake safety point of view strictly the check in process implemented.

Holi Celebration at Pawna Lake

Holi is a popular ancient festival of India. Celebrated all over India and now a days Also in foreign countries. Holi celebrates the end of Winter season and arrival of summer season. Holi is nothing but the huge Campfire, a big Campfire is set-up in villages it's High upto 20-25 feet. The planning is started two days before by collecting the Chanda ( collection of any amount of money from locals by thier own for celebration of public or social festivals). The properly set Campfire or Holi is fired by Peoples on the day of Holi Dahana. There Is An assumption in celebrating peoples on Holi Dahana that, Burning fire take our bad thoughts out and burn them. Holi is also known as the festival of colours, on second day of Holi Dahana is Dhulivandan. it's celebrated with all known and unknown person by spraying Different Colors over peoples. Saying, Bura Na Mano Aaj Holi hai. Holi is also known as festival of love cause it is originated in the Era of Lord Krishna. Who plays Holi in Gokul with Goddess Radha. Radha-Krishna Is a symbol of Love. couples who plays Holi, their Relationship get full of Love.

Basically Holi Festival Timing is mid of March.

Gudi Padwa is Celebrated allover India and mainly in Maharashtra State. The celebration of Gudi Padwa denotes Starting of New year according to Hindu Calendar, in Chaitra (April) Month. It is believed that this Gudi Padva festival is celebrated to commemorate the coronation of Bhagwan Shri Ram after returning to Ayodhya by completing 14 years of Exile. It's believed that Gudi Raising and Flagging is ward off evil, inviting Good luck and prosperity into The house. Celebration of Gudi Padwa begins at morning On Festival Day by bringing The fresh Bamboo Stick with height that it can go high above your house rooftop. Washing of Gudi (bamboo stick), applying Haldi-Kumkum On It, Tying Ghati (Sugar Candy Mala), Neem Leaves, a piece of Cloth and Small Copper Kalash at the tip of Gudi (Bamboo Stick). Gudi is Decorated by Drawing of Colorful Rangoli and Flowers. Crushed Jaggery and Neem Leaves served as Prashaad.

1st May Maharashtra Day

1st May is Marked as Maharashtra Day or Maharashtra Din. On May 1, 1960 the Bombay Reorganization Act came into effect. Under this act Map of The New Maharashtra is unveiled at Raj Bhavan, Mumbai, on 1st May 1960. Celebrated the existence of Maharashtra State.

15th August Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated annually from 15th August 1947 As a national holiday in India. Commemorating the Nations Independence from British Government of United Kingdom. The Arrival of Britishers in India is 16th century. The British started Ruling from the Mid Of 17th century Upto 1947. They ruled for 200 years Over India.

Dahihandi, Janmashtami, Gopalkala

Janmashtami is the festival celebration of Birth (Janma) of Lord Shri Krishna on Eighth Day of Bhadrapada Month (August-September). Peoples celebrate this Day by Fasting, Visiting Temples, Praying, Coocking sweet food, etc. On The next day of Janmashtami, Dahi Handi or Gopalkala Is Celebrated. In History the Lord Shri Krishna with his fellow friends (Gopala) Gathered in afternoon and brings different foods and mixed it with Milk, Curd and butter, mixture made Called Kala. Hence this Kala is made by Gopalas called Gopalkala.

Lord Shri Krishna in his childhood, Pots (Handi) Full of Curd and butter hung to ceiling Of Neighbourhood Homes in Vrindavan village in Uttar Pradesh, India. Breaks Pot (Handi) and Steals the Curd (Dahi) this activity is still followed by peoples in Vrindavan and Allover India as memory of Shri Krishna's Nautiness in his Childhood Known as Dahihandi. Now a Days Dahihandi is a entertainment and Compititive Event in India.

Navratri festival at Pawna Lake

Navratri Festival is Celebrated every year at the end of September. it is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently all over India. mostly in Gujrat and Maharashtra states. This festival mainly dedicated to the worship Goddess Maa Durga. Festival celebration time Span is Nine Nights therefore it is named Nau (Nine) Ratri (nights) i.e. Nauratri. the festival relates to Jagaran of Maa Durga for nine nights Hence peoples gathered for Playing Garba or Dandiya in Front of Goddess Durga. The playing of Garba and Dandiya is so famous in India and also in other countries where Indians migrated.

Dusshera at Pawna Lake

Dussehra is also called as Dasara or Vijayadashami. Dussehra is celebrated in India, mostly in East and West States. It's the day on which the victory of Goddess Maa Durga over Evil Demon Mahishasura. The War between Maa Durga And Evil Mahishasura is began on day was called first day of Navratri festival and ran for upto nine days. On Next Tenth Day is the victory of Goddess Maa Durga over Evil Demon Mahishasura. On the other hand, the first Day of Navratri the Lord Shri Ram worshipped Goddess Durga before starting his journey to defeat Ravana, Who abducted Lord Rama's wife Sita. on the Tenth Day of war against Golden Lanka King Ravana. The Triumph of Rama over 10 Headed demon king Ravana, won (Vijaya) by Lord Shri Ram 10th Day (Dashmi) hence it is also called as Vijayadashami. The name Dussehra derived from 10 Headed (dash) defeated (Hara) by Lord Shri Ram. Now a days peoples in village celebrates this festival worshipping their daily work instruments, books, personal and business assets, their cars, bikes and every new and old things in houses. At the evening by exchanging Bidi tree leafs (locally known as Apta leaf) these leafs are equals to Gold On the day of Dussehra By Hugging each other and saying " Take gold and give Chandi behave like gold " (Sona Ghya Chandi Dya, Sonya sarkh Raha) This festival makes social interactions Inbetween peoples.

Diwali celebration at Pawna Lake

Diwali is a iconic festival of India, which highlights Indian festivals to worldwide. Diwali is the festival of Lightings (Diyas). Celebration of victory Of light over Darkness. Divali Festival arrival in November Month. This festival is Seven day long festival. Festival marks National holidays for 7 days, cause it's the main festival Of India among all festive seasons. The festival lasts for upto Seven days but the all Preparations started one month earlier Diwali festival. It Includes cleaning of household utensils, Home cleaning and Painting, Decorating Home with lighting strips, Sky Lantern, making of homemade Diwali sweets like Chivada, Laddu, Karanji, Kapni, Anarsa, Sev, Chakali, Aloo Bhujiya and much more. The Seven days of Diwali Vasubaras, Narak Chaturdashi, Dhanteras, Lakshmi pujan, Diwali Padwa, Balipratipada, Bhai duj, etc.

First day is celebrated as Vasubaras on this day Of Vasu (Cow) Baras (12th day of Kartik month) dedicated to worshipping Cow (Gomata) Cause There is a mythology in peoples the Cow is Symbol of 33 Crore Gods (Devi Devtas).

Second Day of Divali Festival is Narak Chaturdashi on Which everyone woke up early in the morning. Peoples Having Mangal Snan (Auspicious Bath) Also called Abhyanga Snan. Who does will not suffer in Hell after Death.

On Third day of Dipawali Is Dhanteras also known as Dhantrayodashi. Word denotes itself the importance of day Dhan (Wealth) Teras or Trayodashi (13th Day of Hindu Calendar Kartik month). Dhanteras celebration done by sprinkling Dhaniya Seeds Over God and Goddess idols as well on our Personal Assets. Sprinkling of Dhana Seeds increase in wealth.

Fourth day is Lakshmi Puja or Lakshmipujan, it's the most prominent day of Whole Diwali festival. The celebration of this day begins at evening By worshipping Lakshmi Mata Cause Laxmi Mata Is a Goddess of Wealth, Fortune, Power and Prosperity. This Day is considered as Good day (Shubh Divas) for inviting Lakshmi Mata in the role of Purchasing any new Assets like New Car, Bike, House Opening, Business Opening, etc. Celebration of Diwali is Publicly started on Lakshmi pujan Day By lighting Diyas that denotes Triumph of light over Dark and Good Over Evil With Fire Crackers show, Chakri, Anar, Sparklers, Bombs, Rockets, etc.

Fifth Day of Diwali is Diwali Padva. Celebration of Diwali Padwa Is similarly as Karva Chauth. It celebrates the Bond of Love between Wife and Husband. Wife does fasting all day and prays for long life, Prosperity, Health And wealth Of Husband and Husband surprises wife with Gifts. Sixth day of Diwali Padwa celebrated as Balipratipada, it marks the victory of Lord Vishnu's fifth incarnation Among Dashavatar's as Vaman Incarnation over Mahabali and all Asuras.

The Last seventh day of Diwali is Bhai duj or Bhau beej it's the celebration of any Brother-Sister like relationship. Bhai dooj celebrated by Brother and sister by exchanging Blessings and Gifts with each other.

Diwali is the festival which really Lights the body and soul, restarts everyone's life with the new energetic thoughts. Hence, every Indian loves this Diwali festival from the bottom of Heart.

Christmas Celebration at Pawna Lake

Christmas is the most prominent festival of Christian community. It's the day on Which God Yeshu Christ Jesus Christ was Born. The celebration of Christmas, Xmas on 25th December. Peoples celebrate this Day by decorating their houses with lighting. Most important part of the symbolic decoration is Christmas Tree. Family gatherings and gift exchanges takes place.

31st Event party at Pawna Lake

New Year Celebration at Pawna Lake

The most important Event for Pawna Lake is the New Year Party celebration.

It's the Mega Pawna Lake Event cause the 31st celebration event entire Pawna Lake waits whole year. The New Year Event all Preparations started 10 days before 31st December cause on the other hand Pawna Lake event manager already busy in Christmas Party Event Celebration and this two events are biggest events of the Year and every one Allover world is waiting to celebrate, This will require time to make both events great. So all Pawna Lake Owners are ready to serve you better. Preparation of New Year's Eve includes Proper cleaning of huge campsite, Tree Cutting, Lawn watering, addition of new Lightings to enhance the Pawna Lake night view, Pawna Lake parking space availability, neat and clean Pawna Lake Tent arrangements, fixing Dj Music and Dance space, arranging wood stock Huge common Campfire, The things that gives best assurance and new year start-up to everyone. Pawna Lake is the best destination to New Year Party in Lonavala, new year party celebration in Mumbai and New Year Event place in Pune. New Year Day celebration at Pawna Lake on 31st December With different ways like New year cake cutting, new year Dj nights, New year fireworks, etc.

Pawna Lake is the most famous, beautiful, marvelous, peaceful and healing place near Mumbai and Pune. Visit once in a year.

Let's Escape from City to Pawna Lake

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